Work hard.
Play hard.
And have fun doing it.

We’re not just colleagues, we’re a family. And to our clients, we’re not just a vendor, we’re trusted partners.

We are artists, writers and organic farmers. We are volunteers and entrepreneurs. Each person who works at Summerfield brings something unique and special. It's not just because, it’s a requirement. And together we make up the lively and colorful Summerfield team.

The relationships at Summerfield don’t just stop at the end of the workday or workweek, they extend late into the night and deep into the woods on a fishing boat. We’re here because we want to be. We love to collaborate, partner and to grab a cold one together. We treasure a work life balance, which is enriched with a work hard, play hard philosophy.

Whether it’s a theme party, grabbing dinner after work or seeing a concert, our relationships create a collection of designers and managers who are in sync, opening the doors to collaboration.

We’re not afraid to challenge each other or the brands we partner with. From experience, we know that without challenge and experimentation we wouldn’t be living in the innovative world we live in today.

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