Porter Wright


Porter Wright began looking for someone to create their next ad campaign in the second quarter of 2013, as their most recent campaign was winding down. They planned for a 2014 rollout and began with a look back at what they had done over the past several campaigns for context and to see if they couldn’t find a new way to communicate their services and continue to move the brand forward. Porter Wright chose Summerfield Advertising to develop, create and produce them.



Our challenge included evolving Porter Wright’s 168-year old brand to resonate with the needs of their clients through the lens of technological advances in the digital age while creating a unique voice that differentiated them from their competitors. The new ad campaign also needed to translate well into other channels and medias.


Summerfield created two unique campaigns; one which focused on the functional benefits of the brand – and the other on the emotional benefits. These two campaigns were not just unique in subject matter but were built and designed to evolve the brand and keep the firm top-of-mind.


  • Advertising Concept & Design
  • Strategy
  • Account and Project Management
  • Art Direction
  • Graphic Design
  • Copywriting
  • Creative Direction
  • Production Supervision and Coordination


We were able to create, develop and produce a pair of award winning campaigns that have moved Porter Wright’s brand forward, allowing them to communicate their unique value propositions in a flexible manner, showcase their breadth of services and allow a great amount of customization while maintaining concrete brand standards.